DFO investigating Burnt Church incident

CBC News
Friday, December 22, 2000

MONCTON, N.B. Department of Fisheries and Oceans officials will do their own investigation into what happened this fall at Burnt Church. 


“There will have to be a look at this incident using different perspectives” 

Officials want to find out more about a collision between one of DFO’s boats and a native fishing vessel. 

When people talk about the native fishing controversy in Burnt Church last fall, one image comes to mind: a DFO boat colliding with a native fishing vessel in Miramichi Bay. 

Andre Marc Lanteigne, a spokesperson for DFO, says there may be more to the incident than meets the eye. He says that’s what the internal investigation is all about. 

“There will have to be a look at this incident using different perspectives literally and not only what the camera has captured,” he says. 

The RCMP is also investigating the incident. 

Lanteigne says DFO doesn’t want to interfere with the police so it’s proceeding very slowly. He says in the end a complete review may not even be necessary. 

“If the RCMP investigation satisfies the questions we have both in terms of practices and motives and everything we may be satisfied with its outcome,” he says. 

Lanteigne can’t say what those questions are or little else about the investigation until the RCMP has wrapped up its case.