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Cannabis Legal Archive (1912-2001)

Jamaican Legal Documents and Government Information

The Jamaican Constitution (English and Spanish) – 1962 With Reforms Through 1999 (Source: 

International Opium Convention – The Hague, January 23, 1912 (Source:

Jamaican Ratification of the International Opium Convention – December 26, 1963 (Source:

The Dangerous Drugs Act – 1948/1996 (Source:

List of Jamaican Cabinet Members – 2013 and 2000 (Source:

Brief History of Jamaican Government (Source:

United States Legal Documents and Information

The American Laws, State-By-State (, December, 2000)

U.S. State Laws on Medical Marijuana (Interactive Map) (Source:

The Drug-Free America Act – 107th Congress 1st Session, S.89, January 22, 2001 (Source:

Bill S.16 to Improve Law Enforcement, Crime Prevention, and Victim Assistance in the 21st Century – 107th Congress, 1st. Session, S.16, January 22, 2001 (Source:

American Court: U.S.A. v. David Meyers – Religious use of Marijuana – 1996 (Source:


International Legal Documents and Information

A Comparative Table of Marijuana in Some European Legal Systems (Source:

Cannabis and Marijuana Policy in Europe – A Comparative Study (Source:

Colombian Constitutional Court Decriminalizing Possession for Personal use of Cannabis and Cocaine – 1994 (Source:

German Constitutional Court Decriminalizing Possession for Personal use of Cannabis – 1994 (Source: 

Other Resources

Ganja in the Caribbean Bibliography

Miscellaneous Texts Referencing Cannabis

A Chronology of Psychoactive Substance Use – 1979 (Source: Perspectives on the History of Psychoactive Substance Abuse)

International Chronology of Treaties and Drug Reports: 1894 – 1999 (multiple sources)