Natives granted state-funded counsel

Friday, June 1, 2001

MIRAMICHI. Judge William McCarroll says he just wants everyone to have a fair trial. 

³They may not agree with the results but when they walk out of here they will feel they had a fair trial,² he said. 

This comment was made in Miramichi Provincial Court last Tuesday, as McCarroll ordered a stay of proceedings for charges under the Fisheries Act against five natives from the Burnt Church First Nation. 

State funded counsel was ordered for Jason Barnaby, Curtis and Dominic Dedam, Leo Bartibogue, and John Dana Ward after prepared affidavits detailing their finances and living conditions were submitted into evidence. 

³The exhibit makes it clear they cannot defend themselves or afford to hire a lawyer either,² McCarroll said. 

This group joins Brian Bartibogue and John David Dedam who also had their charges stayed and state funded counsel ordered on May 16.