St. Elizabeth Farmer Chopped To Death During Ganja Dispute

X News Jamaica
Wednesday, July 25, 2001

A year-old St. Elizabeth farmer was chopped to death, following a dispute between two groups of men who were reportedly involved in ganja business.

The dead man has been identified as Ucal Campbell of Thornton Mountain, South East, St. Elizabeth. Campbell was killed last Friday in Sorn Hill, a neighbouring district to Thornton Mountain

23-year-old Damion Young, a labourer of Sorn Hill, was subsequently arrested by the Nain police for allegedly murdering Campbell.

According to reports, a quantity of ganja was stolen from the Thornton Mountain district. It was said that the ganja was stolen by men from Sorn Hill. As a result, a group of men from Thornton Mountain visited Sorn Hill, with the intention of retrieving the stolen ganja.

It is understood that a group from the Sorn Hill district, who it is believed knew about the stolen ganja, engaged the group from Thornton Mountain.

During the dispute, it is alleged that Young pulled a machete and used it to inflict wounds to the head and neck of Campbell, killing him.

The friends of Campbell reported the matter to the police who subsequently arrested and charged Young for murder. Investigations are continuing.