Treaty of 1725, for Ratification at Annapolis Royal
Treaty No. 239

Articles of Submission And Agreement made at Boston, in New England by Sanquaaram alias Loreon Areux, Francois Xavier and Meganumbe, delegates from Penobscott, Naridgwack, St. Johns, Cape Sables and the Tribes inhabiting within his Majesty’s Territories of Nova Scotia or New England.


 His Majesty King George by concession of the Most Christian King, made at the Treaty of Utrecht, is become the rightful possessor at the province of Nova Scotia or Accadia according to its ancient boundaries: We the said Sanquaaram alias Loron Arexus, Francois Xavier and Meganumbe, delegates from said tribes of Penobscot Naridgwack, St. Johns, Cape Sable and other tribes inhabiting within His Majesty’s said territories of Nova Scotia or Accadia and New England, do, in the name and behalf of the said tribes we represent, acknowledge His said Majesty King George’s jurisdiction and dominion over the territories of the said Provinces of Nova Scotia or Accadia, and make our submission to His said Majesty in as ample a manner as we have formerly done to the most Christian King.

And we further promise on behalf of the said tribes we represent that the Indians shall not molest any of His Majesty’s subjects or their dependants in their settlements already made or lawfully to be made, or in their carrying on their traffic and other affairs within the said Provinces.

That if there happens any robbery or outrage committed by any of the Indians, the tribe or tribes they belong to shall cause satisfaction and restitution to be made to the parties injured.

That the Indians shall not help to convey away any soldiers belonging to His Majesty’s forts, but on the contrary shall bring back any soldiers they shall be made for redress according to His Majesty’s laws.

That in case of any misunderstanding, quarrel or injury between the English and the Indians no private revenge shall be taken, but application shall be made for redress according to His Majesty’s laws.

That if the Indians have made any prisoners belonging to the Government of Nova Scotia or Accadia during the course ot the war they shall be released at or before the ratification of this treaty.

That this treaty shall be ratified at Annapolis Royal.

Dated at the Council Chamber in Boston in New England, this fifteenth day of December, Anno Domini one thousand seven hundred and twenty five, Annoq. Regni Regis Georgii, Magna Britannia, & c., Duodecimo.

Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of the Great and General Court or Assembly of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay.

Sanquaaram (totem) alais Loron (L.S.) Arexes (totem) (L.S.) Francis Xavier (L.S.) Meganumbe (totem) (L.S.)