Treaty of 1725, Promises by Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts Bay

By the Honourable William Dummer Esq.. Lieutenant Governor and Commander in Chief of His Majesties Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England

Whereas Sanquaaram alias Loron Areaus, Francois Xavier & Meganumbe the delegates from the Tribes of Penobscot Naridgwalk St. Johns Cape Sables and other Tribes of the Eastern Indians Inhabiting within His Majesties Territories of New England and Nova Scotia Declaring themselves fully empowered there to Have in the Name and Behalf of the said Tribes signed & Executed an Instrument of Submission to His Majesty bearing date the fifteenth day of this Instant December therein firmly promising & Engaging forever to cease all Hostilities and Violence’s and to live in Peace & Amity with all His Majesties Subjects.

I do therefore in the Name of His Most Excellent Majesty George by the Grace of God of Great Britain France and Ireland King Defender of Faith etc. Receive and recommend the said Tribes to His Grace and Favour Promising them Benefits and Protection of His Majesties Laws in like manner as His English subjects have and Enjoy.

That all Acts of Hostility from this Government against the said Tribes of Indians shall Cease and that a firm and constant Friendship & Amity shall hereafter be maintained with them.

That upon the Indians delivering up all the English Prisoners, as they have Engaged to do all the Indians Captives within this Government shall likewise be set at Liberty

That the said Indians shall Peaceably Enjoy all their Lands & Properties which have been by them Conveyed and sold unto, or possessed by the English & be no ways Molested or Disturbed in their planting or Improvement and further that there be allowed them the free Liberty and Privilege of Hunting Fishing & Fowling as formerly

And whereas it is the full Resolution of this Government that the Indians shall have no Injustice done them respecting their lands.

Indians do therefore assure them that the several Claims or Titles (or so many of them as can be then had and obtained) of the English to the Land in that part of this Province shall be produced at the Ratification of the present Treaty by a Committee to be appointed by this Court in their present Session, and Care be taken as far as possible to make out the same to the satisfaction of the Indians and to distinguish & ascertain what Lands belong t the English in Order to the effectual prevention of any Contention or Misunderstanding on that Head for the future.

That Commerce and Trade shall be carried on between the English & Indians according to such direction as shall be agreed by His Majesties Government on this Province.

That no Private Revenge shall be taken by the English; but in case any person shall presume so to do; upon Complication & proof therefore Justice shall be done the party aggrieved In Testimony whereof I have signed these presents & caused the Public Seal of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay aforesaid to be hereunto Affixed Dated at the Council Chamber in Boston this fifteenth day of December Anno Domini one thousand seven hundred and twenty five Annoq RRS Georgij Magnee Britaniae & c Duo decimof

Wm. Dummer

By Command of His Honour the Lieut. Governor J Willard, Secretary