Treaty of 1725, Promises By Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia

By Major Paul Mascarene one of the Council for His Majesty’s Province of Nova Scotia or Accadie and commissioned by Honourable Lawrence Armstrong Esqr Lieut. Governor and Commander in chief of the said Province for Treating with the Indians Engaged in the Late Warr.

Whereas Sanquarum Alias Laurens Alexis, Fancois Xavier and Maeganumbe Delegates of the Tribes of Penubscutt Norrigewock St. Johns Cape Sables and other tribes Inhabiting His Majesty’s Territories of Nova Scotia or Acadie and New England; have by Instruments signed by them, made their Submission to His Majesty George by the Grace of Great Britain France and Ireland King Defender of their Faith and Acknowledged His Majesty’s Just Title to the province of Nova Scotia or Acadie and promised to live peaceably with all His Majesty’s subjects and their Dependants with what further is contained in the several Articles of those Instruments I do in behalf of His Majesty’s said Governor and Government of Nova Scotia or Accadie promise the said Tribes all marks of favour protection and friendship. I further Engage and promise in behalf of the said Government.

That the Indians shall not be molested in their persons, Hunting, Fishing and planting grounds nor in any other their lawful Occasions by His Majesty’s subjects or their Dependants nor in the exercise of their Religion provided the Missionaries residing amongst them have Leave from Governor or Commander in Chief of His Majesty’s said Province of Nova Scotia or Accadie for so doing.

That if any Indians are Injured by any of His Majesty’s aforesaid Subjects or their Dependants they shall have the Satisfaction and Reparation made to them according to His Majesty’s Law whereof the Indians shall have the Benefit Equal with His Majesty’s other Subjects.

That upon the Indians Bringing back soldiers endeavouring to Run away form any of His Majesty’s Forts or Garrisons the said Indians for this good office shall be handsomely Rewarded.

That the said Indians in Custody at Annapolis Royal shall be Released except such as the Governor or commander in Chief shall think proper to keep as Hostages at the Ratification of this Treaty which shall be at Annapolis Royal in Presence of the Governor or Commander in Chief and the Chiefs of the Indians.

Given under my hand and seal at the council Chamber in Boston in New England this fifteenth day of December Anno Domini one thousand seven hundred & twenty five annoque Regni Regis Georgii Magnae Brittaniae & c., Duodecimo.

P. Mascarene Attested by me L. Armstrong Lt. Gov.. Endorsed