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This section provides downloadable files of books and articles about the Caribbean, South America, and beyond. Most of these articles were written or edited (in part or in whole) over the last 50-plus years by Lambros Comitas. These files are free for academic, research, or policy use subject to appropriate citation and reference. If you are interested in publishing any of these articles or books, please contact Lambros Comitas to obtain the proper authorization.

Education and Society in the Creole CaribbeanM.G. Smith;
Lambros Comitas, Philip Burnham, Jack Harewood, Josep Llobera
New York, CIFAS 2008
Ethics in Anthropology: Comments on Dilemmas and ConundrumsLambros Comitas Ethics and Anthropology: facing Future Issues in Human Biology, Globalism, and Culture Property 2000
El Caribe: Colonialismo y Desarrollo de las Sociedades NuevaLambros ComitasCátedra Jorge Juan: Ciclo de Conferencias 1996
Con Itaca En Mi Pensamiento - La Odisea De Un AntropólogoLambros Comitas Universidad: Ley de Educación Superior Privatización de la Educación Superior 1989
With Ithaca on My Mind: An Anthropologist's JourneyLambros Comitas Teachers College, Columbia University 1989
Slaves, Free Men, Citizens West Indian Perspectives. Lambros Comitas and David LowenthalAnchor Books 1973
Consequences of Class and Color West Indian Perspectives.David Lowenthal and Lambros Comitas Anchor Books 1973
The Aftermath of Sovereignty West Indian Perspectives. David Lowenthal and Lambros ComitasAnchor Books 1973
Work and Family Life West Indian Perspectives. Lambros Comitas and David LowenthalAnchor Books 1973
The Earth Most Strangest ManMortimo Planno New York, Cifas Manuscripts1969