60 nominated for 12 positions on Burnt Church First Nation council

Miramichi Leader
Wednesday, July 11, 2001

BURNT CHURCH. A community meeting held in Burnt Church on Saturday saw 60 people nominated for the 12 council positions available in the Aug. 18 band election. 

Four were nominated to run for chief, including incumbent Joseph Wilbur Dedam. The others are Leo Bartibogue, Brian Bartibogue, and John G. Martin.

There are 914 voters, 259 living off reserve, eligible to vote for a new council the week after the old council retires from duty on Aug 11.

The 60 names put forth for Burnt Church First Nation’s council include: Dale Roberta Ward, Melvin Joe, Harold Somerville, Lorain Dedam, Leroy W. Metallic, Madeleine Sylliboy; Nancy Somerville, Preston Francis, Duane E. Johnson, Clifford Larry, Leo Bartibogue, Diana Simon, Kirby Martin, Dana Ward, Lloyd W. Augustine, Gerald Clayton Paul, David Carl Narvey, Sandra J. Narvey (Cole); Darren J. Taylor, John G. Martin, Clark D. Dedam, Raymond D. Dedam, Edward Larry , Norman Allister Joe, Moses Metallic, Mary L. Sylliboy, Joseph Wilbur Dedam, Michael Hane Ward, Dennis B. Dedam, John E. Paul Jr., Jason D. Barnaby, Wendall Blake Narby, Pearlene Y. Bonnell; Mary Rita Joe, Larry I. Dedam, Joseph Ronald Somerville, Alvery M. Paul, Mark Simon, John N. Dedam Jr., Michael Ward, Irene B. Dedam, Joseph Patrick Dedam, Calvin Barnaby, Christopher Bonnell, Robert Paul, Carla Ward, Joseph Raymond Simon Dedam; Thomas Metallic, Gerald Lambert, Lorna Paul, Vernon Mitchell, Lita richardson, Douglas Larry, Brian Bartibogue, Geoffrey Narvey, Darlene Dedam, Charlotte Barnaby, Roger Lee Dedam, Katherine Lambert, and Marsha Somerville. 

Sitting on the current Burnt Church First Nation’s council since Aug. 12, 1999, are Calvin Barnaby, Brian Bartibogue, Christopher Bonnell, Larry Isaac Dedam, Irene Beatrice Dedam, Wilbur Dedam, Pearlene Yoland Bonnell (Tiger), Michael Ward, Alvary Murray Paul, Cathy Lambert, John Martin and Vernon Mitchell.