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Review. Education and Social Change in Tropical Areas, by Margaret Mead. M.G. SmithMan 57: article 47.1957
Review. "The political past and future." Oriental Despotism, by Karl Wittfogel.M.G. SmithSocial and Economic Studies 6 (4): 572-576.1957
Conjoined Review. Alur Society, by Aidan Southall, and Bantu Bureaucracy, by Lloyd Fallers.M.G. SmithSocial and Economic Studies 6 (1): 86-90. 1957
Review. Africa: Its Peoples and their Culture History, by G. P. Murdock.M.G. SmithSocial and Economic Studies 9 (2): 256-257.1960
Review. Britain and the U.S.A. in the Caribbean, by Mary Proudfoot.M.G. SmithCaribbean Quarterly 5 (1): 61-2.1957
Review. Developments Towards Self-Government in the Caribbean.M.G. SmithMan 57: review 70.1957
Comment on On the Relation between Plantations and Creole Cultures,” by Richard N. Adams.M.G. SmithPlantation System of the New World: Papers and Discussions Summaries of the Seminar Held in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Washington, D.C.: Pan American Union (Social Science Monographs, no. 7), p. 81-82.1959
Review. Africa: Its Peoples and their Culture History, by G. P. Murdock.M.G. SmithSocial and Economic Studies 9 (2): 256-257.1960
Review. The Drum and the Hoe, by Harold Courlander. M.G. SmithSocial and Economic Studies 10 (2): 232-233.1961
Review.Windward Children: a Study in Human Ecology of the Three Dutch Windward Islands in the Caribbean, by John Y. Keur and Dorothy L. Keur. M.G. SmithSocial and Economic Studies 10 (2): 233-235.1961
Review. Geschichte von Zamfara, Sokoto-Provinz, Nordnigeria, by Kurt Kreiger. M.G. SmithJournal of African History 2 (1): 154-156.1961
Review. The Emirates of Northem Nigeria, by S. J. Hogben and A. H. M. Kirk-GreeneM.G. SmithAfrica 37 (2): 229-230.1967
Review. The Two Variants in Caribbean Race Relations: A Contribution to the Sociology of Segmented Societies, by H. Hoetink.M.G. SmithRace 10 (l): 133- 136.1968
Review. The Fulani Empire of Sokoto, by H. A. S. Johnston.M.G. SmithAfrica 29 (1): 78-79.1969
Review. Patterns of Dominance, by Philip Mason.M.G. SmithJournal of Commonwealth Studies 9 (2): 170-1.1971
Review. Origins of the State: The Anthropology of Political Evolution. Ronald Cohen and Elman Service, eds. M.G. SmithMan, n.s. 14 (3): 568-569.1979
Review. The Craft of Social Anthropology, by A. L. Epstein.M.G. SmithAmerican Scientist 68: 704.1980
Review “Ethnicity and Sociobiology.” The Ethnic Phenomenon, by Pierre L. Van Den BergheM.G. SmithAmerican Ethnologist, 10 (2): 364-67.1983
Review. Culture History and African Anthropology: A Century of Research in Germany and Austria, by Jurgen ZwememannM.G. SmithEthnos 50 (2): 153-154.1985
Review. Ethnic Groups and the State, Paul Brass, ed.M.G. SmithEthnic and Racial Studies, 9 (1): 114-115.1986
March. Review of Kinship and Class in the West Indies: A Genealogical Study of Jamaica and Guyana, by Raymond T. Smith.M.G. SmithAmerican Anthropologist, 92 (1), p. 237-38.1990
May 11. "The Full Truth at Last." Review of In Miserable Slavery: Thomas Thistlewood in Jamaica, by Douglas Hall.M.G. SmithTimes Literary Supplement, 4 (545), p. 4891990